The Irish Steel Guitar Association was formed in February 2002, primarily to plan and organise an annual Irish Steel Guitar Festival, but with a wider aim to promote the instrument and it's capabilities to a wider audience.


The objectives of the Association are.

  • To promote the pedal steel guitar and demonstrate it's versatility and possibilities.

  • To create a forum where both working players and enthusiasts can meet in an informal setting.

  • To encourage awareness amongst younger musicians about the instrument and it's adaptability to both traditional and contemporary music.

  • To encourage participation from both North and South in a unique presentation of live music.

  • To provide an opportunity to hear and meet several of the leading exponents of the instrument.

The Association is comprised of a small group of professional players and enthusiasts from both the North and South of Ireland as well as the UK and Europe. The Association aims to introduce the steel guitar to all those who have a genuine interest in all categories of popular music.

We are passionate about steel guitar music